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Basic Pokémon trainer layout/application

One of the things I love about OCTs is the application stage, because hey—I am a glutton for filling out applications. However, at this moment there isn’t really anything trainer related I am thinking about joining and so I thought—you know what I need? A basic application to just fill out for shigiggles. And that’s what this is. 

This is an application you can mess around with too. The lines in the middle square can be deleted—you can use that whole square to draw a group shot of your team. Or you can divide them up and fill in the spaces for each member. The information below can be added or deleted, depending on what you want to share. And most importantly—you can change the colours, add textures and fills, however you want onto it. Make it reflect your character. 

I have linked the stash for this file, and there you go. Have fun! C: 

I’ve spent the last couple days and weeks contemplating why I didn’t get a teaching job this year, and berating myself for all the things that must be wrong with me, and how unintelligent I must be for no one to hire me. I’ve been having a pity party all summer as I throw out application after application and never get anything in return, seeing my friends accept positions I wanted, but of course I never even got called in for an interview.

It sucks. But I’m tired of feeling sorry for myself. Even though it’s really easy to tell myself that I messed up and don’t deserve anything that I don’t get, deep down I don’t feel like I’m a failure. I’ll never know why by looking at a short resume- one that reportedly will look like any other student teacher’s- schools decided that I wasn’t worth their time. But I have to get over it. Even if I did get a job, I’d be feeling so overwhelmed right now. By having to wait another year, I can perfect what I want to say and how I want to be when I do have my own room.

Hopefully I get the art store job this week. Sitting at home all day doing nothing certainly doesn’t help me at all. And maybe I should cut down on the final fantasy and do some comics.

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